Anton Howes on the Royal Society of Arts

Anton Howes is historian in residence at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Oliver Double on Alternative Comedy: 1979 and the Reinvention of British Stand-Up

Oliver Double is a former professional comedian who is now a Reader in Drama at the University of Kent.

Suzanne Marchand on Porcelain: A History from the Heart of Europe

Suzanne L. Marchand is an American intellectual and cultural historian of modern Europe.

Early Visual Communication

Introducing the 6000-Year-Old Buon Frescoes from Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan

Explainer: why the rock art of Murujuga deserves World Heritage status

Australia is relatively unique because here there are still cultural connections between rock art and the people who created it

An Historical Creative Cluster: Bab-i Ali, Istanbul

Known and described as the capital city of Turkish (printed) media

The 13th-century revolution that made modern poetry possible

Modern readers and writers have long since forgotten what happened back then, but poetry today would not be the same without the 13th century.

A Delicate Weave: folk singers from Western India celebrate diversity in the face of intolerance

Traditions affirm notions of diversity and peaceful co-existence within a precarious yet resilient social fabric

Returning looted artefacts will finally restore heritage to the brilliant cultures that made them

European museums are under mounting pressure to return the irreplaceable artefacts plundered during colonial times

How Al-Farabi drew on Plato to argue for censorship in Islam

The situation in the mighty Abbasid empire in which Al-Farabi lived demanded a delicate balancing of conservatism with radical adaptation.