Technologies in creative economy and creative society

In the creative society, happiness does not depend on constantly upgraded technologies but is rather possible in spite of them

General Approaches to Creative Economy Within the European Space

Different regions of the European Union understand and define creative industries in distinct ways.

Creative industries & cultural science: A definitional odyssey

cultural science = new cultural studies + evolutionary economics + complexity theory + creative industries

Identity Economics and the Creative Economy, Old and New

Meanings are not created from thin air, but are drawn out of a cultural repertoire in particular societies

Creative Industries: fashion versus reason

Evolution may be the only theory to explain variation and culture change in a causal way

Creative Industries as an Enhancing Factor for Regional Development in European Union

Cultural and creative industries provide a significant contribution to the EU economy, promoting growth, employment and economic recovery

The Future Is An Open Future

Cultural Studies at the end of the ‘Long Twentieth Century’ and the beginning of the ‘Chinese Century’

From Cultural Studies to Cultural Science

Why is cultural studies not an evolutionary science?

The Cultural Economy Moment?

Neo-liberalism as a meta-concept constitutes a substantive barrier to more sustained engagement between cultural studies and economics

Entertainment: An interdisciplinary approach to an object of study

Entertainment is industrially-created culture, focussed on the desires of the audience.