Tourism, creative industries and exports sustainability

The creative industries sector has grown rapidly over the past three decades. This sector has created new jobs, access to international markets and enhanced export competitiveness in many developed and developing countries. The sector has also contributed to the development of SME capabilities and skills, encouraging creative talent and enhancing the spirit of ambition among young people. The research aimed to show the role of creative industries in the promotion and maintenance of exports and access to global markets, as well as the ability of this sector to withstand financial and economic crises. The research found results that confirm the ability of the creative industries to promote exports and sustainability. The statistics of international trade of creative industries showed that they achieved sustainable growth during the past two decades, which reached more than 80%, The largest share of this growth was for developing countries with a growth rate of more than (200%) during the last two decades, while the rate of growth of export earnings from the creative industries of developed countries was about 47%, In order to achieve the objective of research, we analyze the trend of exports of creative industries in China and the Arab Republic of Egypt, Exports of creative industries increased almost continuously and were not significantly affected by the financial crisis in 2008 in both countries. The trade balance of the creative industries continued to generate financial surpluses during 2005-2014.


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