An Historical Creative Cluster: Bab-i Ali, Istanbul

Creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors of the world economy. The studies in regional and urban policies are being accepted and developed to attract creative economies and sustain their synergy. Istanbul, one of the mos trapidly growing metropolises of the world, encapsulates these values and desires a circumspect planning agenda. Babıali is one of the historic clusters in Istanbul,until late 1990s, known and described as the capital city of Turkish (printed) media. It is the district named after the sublime port-high port -ottoman port: Babıali Port, where the printed media was settled since 1980s. The transformation of the area is a deductive example to observe an irreversible decision and a great loss for the emerging concept of creative city.The question to be dealt with will be whether if the originality, uniqueness and value of this very special formation of Istanbul is a loss after the decentralization of the Historic Peninsula.The method of the study is to observe through the literature and through series of interviews to give an essence of a historic creative cluster and to understand the needs of the creative people. Also the rich literature about Babıali enables us to realize the magnificent nascence of the district. By surveying the area with the help the former workers, writers, artists and publishers, and analysing the secondary literature on this subject, we aim to contribute to the positive effects of clustering on creativity and the ongoing decentralization process from city centers to the peripheries, where various studies argue about the originality and diversity of the clusters are important to attract and sustain the competitiveness of the cities.


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