Vimeo Video tag: documentary

No Needle, Just A Haystack

Nick Zammuto of The Books launches a new band

10 Revolutions

The final year of ‘Homeskillet Fest’ in Sitka, Alaska

The Wait

The adventures and process of a young wildlife photographer

Chau, beyond the lines

A teenager disabled by Agent Orange struggles to one day become a professional artist

49 Mile Scenic Drive

In 1954, an artist named Rex May created an iconic street sign for the city of San Francisco

Life After Art

After suffering from a stroke in 2016, Wayne woke up with a talent for painting due to the diagnostic of a neurological condition.

The Quest for His Majesty’s Silk

The story of the weavers-turned-detectives and their challenge to recreate Robert Jones’ original textile-design, that had vanished without a trace


A short creative documentary that charts the attendees of Britain’s longest running Wargames group, and explores the complexity of actual combat on individuals from a psychologist’s perspective

Nedbalka Gallery 5 year anniversary

The Gallery is among the most beautiful buildings of its type in Slovakia.