10 Revolutions

The 10th and final year of ‘Homeskillet Fest’ in Sitka, Alaska. This is a retrospective on the music and the landscape.

Director: Stephan Gray (www.stephangray.com)
Executive Producer: Nicholas Galanin
Producer: Kimmy d’Ancona
Production Company: dreambear (www.dreambear.org)
Narrarator: Nicholas Galanin
Audio Mix: Dalton Harts
Director of Photography/Editor: Stephan Gray
Camera Assistant: Neftali Kirkland
Additional Audio: Astro King Phoenix
Special Thank You: Jerrod Galanin / Brit Szymoniak / Zak D. Wass / Carlos Cruz

Soundtrack (by order of appearance):
Silver Jackson – Yeil (www.silverjackson.bandcamp.com)
OCnotes – Halloween Hyperspeed (www.ocnotes.net)
Silver Jackson – Lanaalx
Benjamin Verdoes – Above Ground (www.bricklanerecords.com/artists/benjamin-verdoes)
Erik Blood – The Attic System (www.erikblood.com)
Erik Blood – Remove Control
Vox Mod – Great Oscillator (www.voxmod.com)
Benjamin Verdoes – Beautiful Dying World
Silver Jackson – Lifted The Evening
Benjamin Verdoes – Eight Oh Eight
Erik Blood – Out This Way
Vox Mod – I’ll Always Be Here

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