Heavy Ink: “Heavy Metal” & the Comic Book Revolution

“Heavy Ink” is a documentary I made as part of my Capstone project for the CUNY Graduate Center in 2017. For my project I interviewed former “Heavy Metal” editors Julie-Simmons Lynch and Brad Balfour, as well as artists and editors in comics including John Holmstrom (“Punk Magazine”), Katie Skelly (“My Pretty Vampire”), Gary Groth (Editor in Chief, “The Comics Journal”), Charles “Zan” Christensen (Founder, Northwest Press) and Patrick Crotty (Co-Founder, Peow).

I made this film at a time when I did not have ready access to professional filming equipment, but I set out to examine what laid the groundwork for “Heavy Metal.” From “Mad” to “Pilote”, from the pulps to the underground, and beyond.

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