Nedbalka Gallery 5 year anniversary

The Nedbalka Gallery is situated on one of the oldest streets in Bratislava. The tortuous street built on old city walls from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries connects Laurinská and Uršulínska Streets. Even in the early twentieth century, it was still among the most interesting streets in the historic core of Old Town in terms of architecture and history.

Five floors filled with the works by Slovak visual artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Gallery is among the most beautiful buildings of its type in Slovakia. The extension, designed by renowned architects, Viktória Cvengrošová and Virgil Droppa, has been awarded a prestigious Dušan Jurkovič Award. In 2012, a complete reconstruction was carried out based on the plans of Ing. arch. Jarmila Kusá. The collection containing over 1,000 works of art by 83 great Slovak artists. The permanent exposition comprising 160 paintings and sculptures displayed on the area of 1,529 square meters.

Director : Juraj Mraz
Camera OP : Marian Ontko, Rafael Skurka, Juraj Mraz
Sound : Tomas Kosjar
Production: Tomas Zeman

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