Pop Art in Kolkata

New Art on the Ganges
Dazzling Kolkata (Calcutta): in the Western world the 14 million metropolis is widely known for misery and poverty, as the city of Mother Teresa.
But it has a lot more to offer.

Until the 1980ies, Kolkata used to be the cultural center of India, its artists, poets and intellectuals inspired the whole country, it was a city of avant-garde-movements. With this background in mind, the Swiss-Indian filmmaker Chitra-Lekha Sarkar questions the current art scene of Kolkata. Is it still stuck in nostalgia or are there any new visions? What impact had the economic liberalization of the 90ies on the art scene of Kolkata? The focus is on several artists, younger upcoming and older established ones who work in different fields like sculpture, photography, painting, video and installation art or textile design. The film includes a visit to the legendary art school of Santiniketan (founded by the Nobel prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore from Kolkata), who influenced with its experimental holistic idea the whole of India. The audience will discover through the film a fascinating unknown art world and will learn more about the Kolkata of today, a vibrating metropolis.

52 minutes/16:9 Pal/ HD/ 2015
Language versions: German and English

Written and directed by
Chitra-Lekha Sarkar
Satanjib Gupta
Sound recordist
Rakesh Banerjee
Peter Karlaganis/splice it
Andreas Sigg/FM Tonstudio
Chitra-Lekha Sarkar Filmproduktion

In coproduction with Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF
Sternstunde Kunst: Anita Hugi
Pacte de l’audiovisuel: Urs Augstburger
3sat Schweiz: Rajan Autze

© 2015 Chitra-Lekha Sarkar Filmproduktion

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