A short creative documentary that charts the attendees of Britain’s longest running Wargames group, and explores the complexity of actual combat on individuals from a psychologist’s perspective. Obsession, camaraderie and a Wargames Society that asks: what does it take to go into battle?

Funded by Film London and the British Film Institute (BFI Network).

Directed by – Jessica Bishopp
Produced by – Hannah Eugénie Tookey


Director of Photography – Sarah Cunningham
Editor – Adelina Bichis
Composer – Hollie Buhagiar
Assembly Editor – Jessica Bishopp

Featuring –
Professor Edgar Jones, Professor in the History of Medicine and Psychiatry, King’s College London, King’s Centre of Military Health Research (KCMHR)
Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society

Featured Models Designed & Painted By – Steve Earl, Mark Gibbons, Martin Goad

Focus Puller & Camera Assistant – Kate Molins
Sound Recordists – Kirsty Howell & Nadine Richardson
Gaffer – Jonathan Tomlin
Grip – Nik Georgiev
Sound Design & Sound Mix – Fred Pearson, Final Cut
Sound Producer – Laura Harris, Final Cut
Post Production Producers – Lucy Mason & Dan Kreeger, The Mill
Colourist – Jim Bracher, The Mill
Colour Grade – The Mill
Production Assistant – Gennie Allcott
Interview Transcriptions – Noemi Varga
Drivers – Gennie Allcott & Nigel Bishopp
Catering – Lucinda Bishopp & Brian Tayler

For Film London:
Jordan McGarry – Head of Production & Talent Development
Angeli MacFarlane – Development Producer
Josic Cadoret – Producer, Short Film Schemes
Alice Whittemore – Production and Development Officer

Executive Producers – Compulsory, Chris Toumazou, Kadri Mahmoud, Rob Hughes, Nigel Bishopp
Production Company – Compulsory

With Special Thanks To
Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society, King’s Centre for Military Health Research, Brian Tayler, Karen Tayler, Lucinda Bishopp, Nigel Bishopp, Emma Bishopp, Paul Colebrooke, Steve Earl, Mark Gibbons, Martin Goad, John Hurst, Ivor Metcalf, W G Pavely, Terry Shoebridge, Rodney Somerville, Colin Stone, William Stone, Tony Wyatt, Edgar Jones, Direct Photographic, Filmscape, ProCam, Final Cut, The Mill

Film Festivals –
The Smalls Film Festival 2018, Official Selection, Nominated for Best Documentary Award.
Imperial War Museum (IWM) Short Film Festival 2018, Official Selection, Nominated for the The Annie Dodds Award for Best Documentary.
Underwire Festival 2018, Official Selection, Nominated for Composing Award.
Eindhoven Film Festival 2018, Official Selection.
London Short Film Festival (LSFF) 2019, Official Selection.

Press –
Booooooom https://tv.booooooom.com/2018/11/02/wargames-jessica-bishopp/
GiF Girls in Film http://www.girlsinfilm.net/videos/wargames
WePresent / WeTransfer https://wepresent.wetransfer.com/story/jessica-bishopp-wargames/

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